Instructional Delivery Method: Group Live-Seminar - 8 Hours

Learn more in this customized, practical, informative one-day workshop
than a full semester in an MBA finance class

Attending NCCE’s intensive, one-day ‘real-life’ workshop will provide your franchise owners with a practical, common-sense understanding of the critical financial principles applicable to their franchise business. Through a balanced mix of in-class exercises and integrated study aids, your franchisee owners will emerge from this course able to analyze their financial information like a pro! They will learn from one of our expert faculty members who will present crystal-clear and concise explanations of important financial concepts applicable to their franchise.

We use a practical, common sense approach that animates the numbers on the financials your franchise owners use. We’ll walk through a meaningful analysis of a typical franchisee’s financials in an entertaining, understandable “nuts-‘n’-bolts” framework that makes sense to everyone. Franchise owners who need proven strategies and techniques they can use immediately to become more profitable should plan to attend Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements for Franchise Owners.

  • Understanding Accounting – The Language of Business


  • Using Your Franchisee Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows


  • Understanding Profit Check Points and Break-Even Analysis for Your Franchise


  • Calculating and Using Financial Ratios To Identify Financial Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Benchmarking Your Firm’s Financial Performance Against Similar Firms


  • Strategic and Financial Planning Based on Your Franchise Financial Analysis


  • Understanding and Controlling Your Business Operating Cycle


  • How to Improve the Value of Your Franchise
  • Understanding Accounting Basics - The Language of Business


  • Understanding the Balance Sheet


  • Understanding / Using the Income Statement


  • Ratio Analysis Calculations and What the Numbers Really Mean


    • Liquidity Ratios, Activity Ratios, Leverage Ratios, Profitability Ratios


    • How to Find and Use Industry Averages/Franchisee Averages


  • Understanding / Using the Statement of Cash Flows


  • Understanding Audit Reports and Footnotes

Customized Case Study – We’ll analyze a typical franchisee’s financial statements. Your franchisees will leave the seminar with a detailed financial knowledge of their company. No other seminar company customizes to this extent. And . . . we can even customize further . . .see below . . .

Additional Customized Option . . . Franchisee Specific Industry Averages
At your request NCCE’s CPAs can calculate fourteen critical financial ratios for all your franchisees and create customized industry averages for use by each franchise owner. These customized industry averages will report the top quartile, average, and the bottom quartile for all franchisees.

Prerequisites: None

Program Level: Basic

Advance preparation: None

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NCCE is only holding in-house seminars right now but NCCE will offer our seminars including Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements for Franchise Owners to the public starting in 2013.


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