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Professionals that attend classes by NCCE have a lot to say. We thought we would share some of their comments with you. Click on a class title below to read their comments:

Analytical Review Procedures for Effective Audits & Financial Analysis

"Learned new concepts to apply in my current job function. I liked the application of Excel concepts and functions to real-life examples."

David Fein
Administrative Vice President

"Many of the Excel tools and concepts will be useful in my day-to-day work. The instructor’s presentation was thorough, confident and he had a good sense of humor."

Naimat Khan
Director of Financial Planning

"Lots of real world simulation not found anywhere else."

Mark Sharp
Accounting Manager

"I learned useful financial analysis tools using Excel. Excellent course!!"

Nicholas Bascom

"I needed a seminar to jump start analysis functions at my work. The examples generated ideas for me to apply at my work."

Linda Ellis
Asst. Controller

"The course was very informative, pertinent and very well organized. The things I liked most were: organization and concise but thorough material. You need to hold more of these in San Francisco."

Erin Estrella
Fund Manager

"I’m new to the financial analyst position (background in acct/financial reporting) and this course was a great introduction. Good brush up on basic statistical concepts."

Steven Williams
Financial Analyst

"Instructor was great! He really knew what he was talking about."

Theresa Saul
Business Analyst

"I now have hands-on tools that I can use at my daily job."

Carol Wang
Financial Analyst

"The topics were current and applicable to my work."

Mark Mercer

"The explanations were complete, accurate and thorough."

Wendy Milics
Director of Finance

"Excellent presentation of complex material. Excellent review of Excel/Finance with introduction of new material."

Norman John

"This seminar leaves me with materials I can apply to my day to day work. Very interactive seminar."

Beth Zach
Accounting Manager

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. Good seminar."

Ann Clark

"The pace of the instruction was good and the info on financial and Excel topics was valuable."

Molly North
Audit Manager

"It gave me a solid understanding of Excel tools that can be used on the job. I especially liked the regression analysis tool."

Daniel Coughlin
Financial Analyst

"Various concepts were presented in an easy-to-understand and concise manner. Great examples were given. This is useful and practical information."

Vince Hui
Finance Manager

"I learned many Excel capabilities including financial functions I didn’t know existed."

Michael Sarf
Sr. Accountant

"The instructor was very good at explaining how to look at the numbers and functions."

Shawana West
Financial Director

"Very good presentation – detailed explanation – ability to carry people along. Well done. Very user friendly. Highly recommend."

Andy Klaus
Budget Director

"I liked the knowledge and presentation skills of the instructor."

Carl Douglas
President, CPA Firm

"Very good seminar with helpful information. The instructor is very knowledgeable and a great presenter."

James Showers
Vice President

"I learned many new techniques for financial analysis using Excel tools."

Michael Georges
Sr. Accountant

"I am familiar with Excel but need to get to the “next level”. This seminar definitely helped."

David Lough

"I found the class very helpful. I learned a number of new features in Excel. The instructor was a very good presenter."

Eddie Ruskin
Manager of Internal Reporting

"The learning format was very engaging and I learned a lot of new things about Excel. "

Heather Monk
Investment Accountant

"Learned a lot about Excel tips and tricks and financial related skills."

Ed Rush

"I learned several new tricks and ideas that made the seminar worth it."

Bill Harrermann
Financial Analyst

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Budgeting and Financial Modeling Using Excel 2010

"I can now use Excel tools including Solver, Data Tables, etc."

Marco Brunetti
Budget Manager

"Very pertinent. I really liked learning about ‘Solver’ and ‘Spinners.’"

Alan Bucher
Finance Manager

"There were a number of things that were interesting – also learned several shortcuts in Excel. The Solver function was very useful."

Sanjay Chauhan

"Learned items I had overlooked in Excel for years. Very helpful."

Ed Harsberry
Director of Finance

"Exposed me to Excel functions that I was not aware existed and enabled me to use them immediately. The instructor clearly explained the concepts behind the functions."

Eileen Kurisken
Accounting Manager

"We were given solid examples and useful tools that will help me reduce the amount of time I need to run scenarios. I especially liked the practical business examples we used to illustrate Excel tools. We had a great instructor who gave great examples and made sure everyone kept on pace with the class. The instructor took the time to explain things when people needed help and kept the class engaged with his energy."

Anna Masker
President (Consulting Firm)

"Good info on building financial models. Great take-homes of built spreadsheets."

Beth Criss

"I learned about some great tools that are not covered in “typical” advanced Excel courses. I enjoyed the class and I feel there is a lot of material to review. EVA/Hurdle rate lesson was also very good."

Pam Thomas
Financial Analyst

"Modeling techniques, Solver, Data Tables and Goal Seek will all be used."

Jamie Lindo
Accounting Manager

"Great examples. Love Solver and Excel templates. Thank you!"

Lester Berman

"The instructor was excellent. I liked learning about quick tips and short cuts available in Excel that are taught as part of this program."

Elise Winters

"The models provided will be used in part or modified for current projects."

Karen Evans
VP Finance

"I learned many functions that I did not know about and it was also a great refresher for tools and functions I had forgotten. The instructor was great. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly."

Eric Clanton
Budget Analyst

"This seminar was extremely beneficial. I now have many templates to make my job easier. This was exactly what I needed."

Jeannie Jarriel
Regional Finance and Accounting Manager

"Instructor is excellent. His style is to combine examples with funny anecdotes, helpful tips and very practical applications."

Debbie Knight

"I particularly liked the regression analysis and the FV and PV sections. The instructor was very knowledgeable – not boring."

Lauren Kutac

"I’ve never used financial modeling tools in Excel before and this will help me with financial analysis. The instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable."

James Karlson

"I found the what-if analysis, scenario modeling and Monte Carlo simulation to be interesting and valuable information."

Roman Juenski
Financial Analyst II

"A majority of the information learned will be used to improve current workflow within my department. The instructor had a profound knowledge of the materials and was therefore able to impart very valuable tips, procedures and shortcuts for participants."

Elizabeth Woodson
Senior Accountant

"Great Seminar! Content and what was taken away from it is a lot better than most I have attended. There were Excel concepts that will be beneficial to our budgetary process as well as monthly reporting. The instructor was clear and patient."

Mary Upchurch

"Showed the possibilities of what Excel can offer and how to structure models. The modeling tools are very useful."

Kate McBratney
Financial Analyst

"Quick and concise review of materials – good examples of Excel-based functions like Goal Seek, Data Tables and Solver."

Joseph Nagel
Director of Accounting and Finance

"Strengthened my Excel skills and understand of how I can apply Excel functions in modeling."

Erik Odeen

"I now have a much deeper knowledge of financial modeling – as expected. The instructor had the knowledge and ability to clearly communicate the course material."

Marcus Bishop

"I particularly liked the budget/forecast sections and overview of Excel tools. The instructor was clear and easy to follow."

Katie Taliamento
Sr. Accountant

"It was a good refresher and offered insight into useful modeling techniques."

Jessica Grey
Financial Analyst

"I learned new ways to build models and how to use data tables and scenarios in Excel."

Ronda Akins
Senior Financial Analyst

"This seminar was very beneficial to me. It introduced me to financial modeling and I learned to use a lot of Excel tools for different financial modeling jobs."

Petia Aladjova

"This course has provided participants a great resource from Excel tips to the various models. Instructor did a good job showing the tools and explaining how to use them."

Margaret Moggia

"I enjoyed learning about different Excel functions and different types of financial models. Instructor presented material very well. Modeling can be very dry but the instructor presented the material in an exciting manner."

Alex Trachman

"I appreciated the instructor’s examples and tips on using Excel. I really like the “what-if” tools."

Debra Sloan

"I learned how to build a financial model in a proficient manner and improved my Excel skills."

Yu Lui
Staff Accountant

"I enjoyed seeing the features of Excel applied to financial modeling."

Rich Sidowski
Business Analyst

"This was a great overview of financial models, techniques, and tools. The handouts were useful and well organized. I enjoyed the “real life” examples and the instructor’s detailed knowledge of Excel tools."

Ami Fatula

"This was a great overview and had helpful tips to improve my modeling."

Shelia McCabe
Corporate Planning Analyst

"A lot a material covered in this course was pertinent to my current job (forecasting, NPV, etc.). I liked that this seminar related to my job."

Meredith Grecco
Financial Analyst

"I learned a lot of beneficial Excel functions and modeling techniques. I liked the clarity with which this seminar was presented. It was very organized and well presented."

Susan Sinardi
Director of Accounting

"I enjoyed the what-if tools, especially spinners, data tables and solver."

James Collier
Portfolio Analyst

"I have found few seminars that go over advanced Excel functions like Solver, Data Tables, Goal Seek, etc. The review of advanced Excel financial tools was excellent."

Charpheny Botham
Forecasting Analyst

"I liked the use of data tables, solver, scenario manager, spinners and scrollbars and goal seek. I also liked the cost of capital presentation."

Paul Jenkins
Accounting Manager

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Business Valuation and Modeling Using Excel

"The Excel valuation presentation was great."

Michael Buss
Business Analyst

"This gives me a great way to value my current company as well as future endeavors. I really liked the Excel shortcuts demonstrated."

Mike Herman
Director of Finance

"It helped to look at valuation and Excel in different formats than we use."

Irene Raines

"Improved my understanding of valuation and my knowledge of Excel."

Art Becham
Financial Business Manager

"This was a good refresher of material I studied for the CFA."

Jason Gerber
Accounting Manager

"Great overview! Instructor was very knowledgeable! Very helpful! Thanks!"

Nicole Graggar
Corporate Finance Manager

"Gave me an organized process to follow and great Excel tools."

John Greer
V.P. Strategic Planning

"Good information on valuation techniques and helpful applications and functions in Excel. I learned new functions with Excel."

Patricia Gustafson
Accounting Manager

"Gave me a good foundation of knowledge in valuation along with Excel short cuts."

Deisy Ng

"I came away with a good understanding of the issued involved. The instructor was good at answering questions."

Michael Portman

"Good material. Instructor was knowledgeable and lively enough that we all stayed awake and interested."

Debra Standal

"Provided great information on the logic, mechanics and rational for valuation and when different methods are most appropriate."

Jason Williams
Divisional Controller

"It was a well-balanced combination of theory and hands-on Excel training. The instructor had great insights."

Robert Schaedla

"The materials were very good and contained info that I can take back and apply."

Eric Scott
Director of Finance

"Instructor’s knowledge and Excel tools were helpful."

Tom Smid
Manager, Mergers & Acquisitions

"This seminar was very helpful in ‘demystifying’ Excel tools and functions for financial modeling/budgeting."

Valerie Deckerd
Director of Finance

"I learned things I can use and things other people I work with can use."

Russell Dunning
Financial Analyst

"Learned a ton."

Mary Gamache

"I will use this right away."

Doreen Koning
Financial Strategist

"It refreshed some existing Excel tools and gave insight into features and tools not already known."

Mathew Jameson
Budget Analyst

"Excellent material to take back and review."

Cindy Hanson
Financial Analyst

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External Expansion via the Merger and Acquisition Process

"I found (the seminar) to be extremely beneficial and relevant to my goals for the class. I liked the good, detailed examples and actually applying the skills to examples. This course was one of the best M&A courses I have taken."

Randall Hackworth
CFO and Director of Admin.

"Great brush up on M&A transactions/techniques."

Nicholas Barnes
Staff Accountant

"Great overview - Instructor did a good job with examples. I liked the common sense, practical approach."

Richard DeRietz
Managing Principal

"Very beneficial for what I am trying to work on for M&A. Booklet was very good, very useful. This instructor was the best CPE instructor I have had in 20 years of public accounting CPEs. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable."

Mark Gibbs

"Gave me additional insight into mergers and acquisitions. Great examples."

Joseph Fabian

"Interactive seminar. Built on my knowledge of M&A transactions and business valuation."

David Louch
Director of Business Development

"Reinforced existing knowledge and added new techniques."

Gilbert Noreica

"Very beneficial. Good summary of topic. Knowledgeable instructor."

Bart Roman

"Good refresher course . . . engaging instructor."

Anthony Askalany

"Nice overview of entire process."

Robert Cone
Director of Corp. Development

"The info was timely and presented in an interesting, easy to understand format. The take away material is very helpful."

Janey Getz

"Gave me a systematic approach. Informative style of lecturing."

Emily Lu

"Gave me a good foundation as we begin to move into this area as a company."

Nicholas Manno

"I liked the instructor’s knowledge and real examples."

Clint Rakowski

"Brisk and riveting presentation."

Joan Snyder

"Left me with nice tools to use going forward."

Kelly Zhan
Director of Finance

"This information will be very helpful in explaining value to clients."

Gary Figurski

"I’m new to mergers & acquisitions. I found this seminar very beneficial."

Stan Buswanger

"Very thorough review of all aspects of M & A. Knowledgeable presenter."

Mike Cohen
Financial Analyst

"The instructor did a great job involving everyone. The class was very interactive."

Tom Hartman

"This course gave me a good high-level overview of a step-by-step approach to M & A."

Terry Gozaw
Finance Manager

"Great presenter. Great refresher. Thank you."

John Medla
Director of Internal Audit

"This was an excellent intro to the M & A process."

Norman Ransleben
Sr. Manager

"The instructor’s real-life examples and thorough explanation of the topic will allow me to hit the ground running."

Craig Karus
Financial Director

"Great organization and good information. Instructor did not read slides like so many do."

Laura Wilson

"Fantastic overall explanation – very knowledgeable instructor providing practical insights to the topics. Dealt with specifics in detail yet tied this back to the big picture."

Bonnie Adams

"The updates on this subject were current/very useful."

James Korin

"Very comprehensive materials and efficient presentation. It was very practical in nature."

Carlos Delaney

"Provided a great overview of valuation and due diligence."

Mike Estok
Sr. Financial Analyst

"Immediate applications on engagement and our business."

Robert Lucas

"I found this seminar very helpful. The manual will be a great resource for the future."

Zach Malone

"This seminar was very beneficial in that I was able to obtain an understanding of the entire M & A process."

Jennifer Morris
Tax Manager

"A great amount of useful information was covered in detail."

Contina Benn
Sr. Finance Specialist

"Very applicable to my job."

Gina Hayes

"The interaction with the instructor and other class members about how best to structure a deal was invaluable."

Jeff Lewis
Director of Financial Planning

"Helped me realize the importance of having a formal M & A policy and program and a formal integration plan."

Mathew Rentz
Sr. Financial Analyst, M & A

"Excellent, knowledgeable presenter."

Frank Lamanga

"Great background information on a topic I knew little about."

Michael Blote
Tax Manager

"The instructor was great and made the material easy to understand."

Richard Blumberg

"This seminar was on point and addressed issued for companies of different sizes – good group participation and interaction."

Steve Burt
VP Finance

"There was a lot of content delivered well, succinct and nicely presented. This was a good refresher and confirmation of state of the industry plus useful reference material."

Bill Craft

"Very good and helpful for what we are strategically planning for the company. Overall, the material and knowledge of the instructor was excellent."

Myrna Dohan

"I have better insight into M & A deal structures both from the buyer’s and seller’s perspective."

Nicole Downes
VP Finance

"Very good refresher. Used relevant, real-life examples."

Jerry Golden
Financial Analyst

"This seminar had very thorough coverage of the material with excellent reference material to take home."

Russ Sproull
Business Unit Controller

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40+ Tools and Techniques For Financial Decision Making
Using Excel 2010

"Best seminar I have ever taken. Very informative. Love the Excel templates! Good pace. Instructor adapted course to what participants wanted/needed to know. Instructor was fantastic!! Great content of material – great resources and tools – very pleased."

Kelly Cotoia
Sr. Accountant

"Very impressed about the amount of material covered in an easy and understandable manner."

Stephanie Reed
Business Unit Controller

"Excellent course, excellent instructor. I learned a lot."

Ward Elmerson

"Good refresher in financial decision making matched with perfect Excel tools."

Vince Maciunskas

"Topics were in depth and kept the interest level high. Instructor kept good pace but was very open to questions."

Mary Ericson
Sr. Financial Manager

"The topics discussed were very interesting to me and I will definitely utilize the Excel tools that I learned. The material and topics were great."

Richard Marcus
Financial Analyst

"I learned several new financial tools in Excel – the instructor has a vast knowledge of the material."

Brian McGill
Purchasing Coordinator

"I learned how to do ‘what-if’ and scenario analysis. This is a good course."

Ryan Pilgrim

"Fast paced – lots of material. Thank you!"

Ron Kleman
Accounting Manager

"Very relevant to my day-to-day function."

Pat McIvensen
VP and CFO

"The seminar covered a wealth of topics with good supporting material. The instructor was very patient and clearly answered all questions. Overall, great experience!"

Paul Marks
Operations Analyst

"I can apply the knowledge gained directly to my job. The course material and the instructor were excellent. Very good seminar. Would recommend it to colleagues."

Bill Scobell
Director of Finance

"I particularly enjoyed the Excel walkthroughs. Pace was comfortable, presentation robust and efficient."

Joshua Curtis
Senior Financial Analyst

"I liked the broad overview of many topics all related to each other in finance."

Yvonne Franklin
Sr. Business Analyst

"I saw a lot of Excel capabilities I did not know existed. Interesting seminar, great speaker."

Ann Hartman

"This seminar is very applicable to everyday decision making."

Mike Poullos

"I learned several new skills which I can readily apply at work. Instructor was talented and moved through the highlights of many new tools. The course material is excellent."

Alisa Viral

"I picked up some specific Excel skills and applications and a lot of general knowledge."

Dennis Roccaforte
Director of Financial Management

"Good use of time. A lot of information was covered. The section on Excel functions was very useful."

Carlson Duggar
Deputy CFO

"The examples were very good."

Barbara Char
Sr. Director, Corporate Accounting

"The materials, including the spreadsheets, will be very useful in my capacity. I learned to use Excel tools that I wouldn’t ordinarily use."

Mark Yuille

"Some areas of this course were “old hat” for me but some items were ground breaking material and expanded my abilities."

Sanford Levy

"The use of these techniques and tools will improve my efficiency."

Tony May
Accounting and Contracts Manager

"I learned many Excel functions that I can use immediately."

Karen Maddox
Sr. Financial Analyst

"There was a wide variety of topics. I think I will use several in day-to-day functions."

Matt Reel
National Sales Manager

"Great combination of financial subjects and Excel training."

Phil Pilgrim

"I learned a lot of tools that Excel has that I did not know about."

Erika Puentes

"I enjoyed learning about the additional tools in Excel that can make accounting information more useful to end users. This class was very informative and I will use the tools I got in my work."

Kris Brisco
Accounting Manager

"We reviewed many tools that I did not know existed and related templates that will be very helpful. The instructor explained all the topics in a very simple, logical manner that was easy to understand and follow."

Judith Esquivel
Assistant Controller

"Course description was very accurate. Covered lots of topics."

Cynthia Newman
Chief Accounting Officer

"I was not sure what to expect but I have learned a lot of tricks. The instructor made the class interesting."

Cherie Marcum

"I learned several new tips in Excel - the data tables will be very helpful. I like using Excel to clarify and solve financial problems. Good seminar."

Pamela Schneider
Director of Finance

"I now have new concepts and tools using Excel that I have not used in the past. The instructor was very knowledgeable."

Tom Benson

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Modern Engineering Economics

"Lots and lots of formulas with examples."

Bob Bentley

"Answered many questions we have had about economic analysis."

Name withheld

"It refreshed my memory on some economic concepts and introduced me to some new ones."

Michael Davis
Transmission Planning Engineer

"PV analysis is a major portion of my work output. The seminar helped to reinforce my knowledge and provide alternatives."

John Shaw
Supervisor of Generation Planning

"It was a good review from the class I took at Auburn. It was to the point. (It) hit all the main points."

Josh Hilburn
Distribution Planning and Engineering

"I gained an understanding of terms that I have heard but not fully understood."

Randy Grimes
Principle Engineer

"Lots of real-world examples."

Chad Jenkins
Telecom Manager

"Good examples and interaction with the instructor."

Larry Avery

"Covered a variety of applicable topics. The instructor did an excellent job."

Brian Matheson
Plant Manager

"Diagrams were useful. Prompted better understanding of the time value of money. I liked the use of example cases."

Robert Meyer
Project Manager

"The instructor was an excellent presenter."

Russell Rigdon
Telecom Engineer

"It was helpful to have some instruction on how to evaluate business decisions. The instructor was flexible on what we needed to know."

Matthew Clay
Substation Design Engineer

"Good refresher on the topic. Detailed slides provided for future review."

Blake Odom
Transmission Planning Engineer III

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly in answering questions. Good class. Thanks and War Eagle!"

Rick Neal
Generation Planning Analyst

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Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

"The updates and class interaction was very beneficial. The examples confirmed that our company is taking the proper steps for S-OX compliance. The course content was very comprehensive."

Diane Hamilton
Director of Financial Controls

"I work in the S-OX department and this program was directly related to my job. The course was very detailed and informative and I like the fact that the instructor involved the audience. I thought it was great!"

Mimi Mame
SOX Auditor

"Great coverage of the major SOX topics including recent changes and updates. We got in-depth coverage of 404 requirements and excellent coverage of corporate governance issues."

Steven Bushong
Senior Controls Analyst

"Excellent update with latest info from SEC, PCAOB, etc. I liked the real life examples from the instructor and classmates."

Jon Oppenheim
Director of Finance

"Excellent refresher course."

Dennis Cruz
Assistant Controller

"The instructor was experienced and knowledgeable."

Gary Grajek
Finance Manager

"Great review!"

Charles Reese

"There was a great amount of valuable information condensed into the time allotted."

David McIntyre

"This seminar was easy to understand and well presented."

J. Schneider
Senior Director

"Excellent primer for someone with limited knowledge of this subject. The seminar was a methodical breakdown of the entire S-OX law and more – very useful!"

John Bartel
Director of Administration

"This seminar provided detailed, understandable information on SOX and related topics. It provided specific information on how to initiate the program and maintain continuous, ongoing compliance."

Marlene Berg
Audit Director

"I was able to get my arms around the information that pertains to my organization and got clarification of several topics. The interactive sessions were great to learn how others handled questions about SOX related items."

Stephen Nizel
Financial Controller

"This seminar helped me understand sections outside of 302 and 404."

Michael Cherry
Sr. Internal Controls Analyst

"Great refresher course with practical examples."

Beth Study
Sr. Controls Analyst

"The instructor’s knowledge and expertise was great. The SEC training materials were very helpful."

Jermy Aguilar

"The enforcement material was especially relevant."

Janice Johnson
SOX Compliance Officer

"The class interaction encouraged by the instructor along with relevant examples was really good."

Sean Padgett
Corporate Controller

"Informative overview with very thorough materials."

Helen Pearse
Director of Sector Accounting

"Very relevant to our SEC client practice."

Joe McGill

"Great presenter! In my new position this material will be very valuable."

Harris Greenberg
Internal Audit Manager

"I now have an enhanced appreciation of the benefits of SOX Sec. 404. I liked the real-life discussions of issues and examples."

Stephen Krill

"This presentation kept my attention throughout."

Steve Wright
VP, Finance

"Great materials for reference in the future."

Pat Hunt
Administrative Vice President

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SEC Reporting Skills Workshop

"This seminar was good for beginners and advanced level."

Jay Ellis
Manager of Consolidations

"One of the most beneficial seminars ever. Great instructor."

Jan Schultz
Operations Controller

"The instructor did a fantastic job of discussing the subject clearly and was well versed in the subject matter."

Name withheld by request
Big-4 Audit Partner

"It was great to hear about the SEC requirements in a clear presentation. We reviewed actual filings which was helpful. The presentation content and length was great!"

Erica Ericson
Manager of Financial Reporting

"Very beneficial. The manual will be a nice reference source."

Roberta Baski
Global Financial Analyst

"This seminar brought to light many areas of the 10-K and 8-K that I otherwise would not have paid attention to. The information was very applicable to my position. Good instructor, good examples and good manual."

Jennifer Goldfarb
Supervisor of Financial Reporting

"This seminar was very beneficial. I am working on the 10K for the first time this year and understanding Regs. S-X and S-K is very important. I liked the examples of how other companies completed their 10-K."

Nicole Harrison
Accountant II

"I liked that all materials are included in one binder. It will be easy to reference."

Amy Sanders
Assistant Controller

"I enjoyed learning the overall SEC reporting requirements and the key points related to the requirements."

Paul Tesar
Lead Financial Analyst

"This was a great refresher and update on required disclosures."

Renee Miller

"Big pluses: Course content, instructor’s presentation and take away materials."

Di Xu
Manager, Enterprise Accounting

"I prepare 8Ks, 10Qs and 10Ks and this information is very helpful."

Joan Zula
Senior Accountant

"This seminar was very applicable to my job responsibilities. The course was very insightful with ample coverage of major aspects of reporting."

Pat Bowers
Director of SEC Reporting

"This seminar was informative and directly applicable to my job."

Gina George
Senior Accountant

"This was a nice overview. The opportunity to ask questions and the participant discussion was very valuable."

Grace Kim
Director of Financial Reporting

"This course built upon my basic knowledge and gave me tools and resources to continue to build. The instructor was helpful and knowledgeable."

Michelle Palmer
Assistant Controller

"Met my expectations. The examples and instructor’s explanation were great."

Sara Strickland

"The real life examples were very useful."

Carlos Alberts
Accounting Manager

"Great job! I thought the course was very informative. I enjoyed the hands-on exercises, examples and class discussion."

Brandon Gilbert

"This seminar gave me a better understanding of what the SEC expects and why from our filings. Class Q & A session coupled with SEC Hot Buttons/recent developments discussion was great."

Tyler Richards
Director of Financial Reporting

"There was just the right level on each topic. The instructor was very open to questions."

Thomas Kent

"We just completed our IPO so this material is very relevant."

Keith Mursh
Assistant Controller

"This was a nice eye-opener for me. It was a good overview of the requirements accompanied by real, practical examples."

Bill Peoples

"Very knowledgeable instructor and the handout was very helpful."

Nicole Humphrey
Director of Financial Reporting

"I got a heightened awareness of 8-K and great ideas for the MD & A."

Scott Green

"The detailed reference materials are a great source of summarized info."

Laura Lindley
Senior Analyst – SEC Reporting

"This was a good confirmation of what we are presently doing. The material was comprehensive and the instructor was very knowledgeable."

Michael Dolan

"I was here to get information for my boss, but found the seminar to be very informative for myself."

Kimberly George
SOX Compliance Manager

"Excellent examples. Input from other participants was helpful."

Bryan Hamilton
Auditor – Public Accounting Firm

"There were a number of good reference points and topics. Good pace – reasonable amount of material."

Larry Kalid

"The material was timely, not dated, and well presented. Good pace."

Timothy Slayton

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Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements

"This was the best seminar I’ve been to, including some at Harvard Law School, Cornell, AMA, etc."

Richard Berman
Vice President

"This seminar presented as much in two days as I had received in a ten-week graduate course."

Susan Bradley
Senior Engineer

"This presentation was certainly animated, fast-paced and informative. This is the first time I’ve left a seminar with the feeling that the fee was too little."

Robert Morton

"This was the first seminar I’ve attended that was 100% worth my time."

Andy Weiss
Procurement Specialist

"The best CLE class I’ve attended in 12 years. Instructor was clear, enthusiastic and offered very practical advice."

Chris M. Vail
Attorney & Business Consultant

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