Even in today’s difficult economy people with full-charge bookkeeping/office manager skills have a wide variety of job opportunities in the 24K to 36K range. There will always be a demand for people with double-entry bookkeeping skills.

NCCE’s “Workforce Training” is a five-part course designed to transform a high school graduate into a full-charge bookkeeper and office manager in less than two months. This course consists of five different training modules: (1) Basic Financial Literacy, (2) Understanding ‘Full Charge’ Bookkeeping, (3) Basic ExcelTM Skills for Bookkeeping, (4) Basic QuickBooksTM for Bookkeeping and Accounting and (5) How To Get a Bookkeeping Job.

NCCE’s “Workforce Training” is available for government entities, community colleges, small business development centers, centers for workforce development, etc. who have funding for this training and seek vendors to deliver effective training services.

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Workforce Training

Our five field tested training modules detailed in our brochure are designed to transform a high school or GED graduate into a full charge bookkeeper in less than two months.

Training modules are available individually or as a 5-suite training package designed to put unemployed individuals into jobs in less than two months.


If you are interested in Workforce Training, please take the time to look over and complete this contact form. Let us know which modules you would like to focus on or if you would like to take the entire course. NCCE will then contact you immediately with further details.

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